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June 07, 2019 3 min read

The truth about beauty is that from the time we’re born, we start aging. Each day dead skin cells slough away, and new cells are regenerated. This process happens much faster when we’re children. With age comes the slowdown that eventually leads to signs of aging.

From the moment you wake up, you’re faced with an image of what ideal beauty looks like. Messages about how to look younger and feel younger are all around us. These messages pull you in in an attempt to convince you beauty starts on the outside – THAT’S A LIE! Beauty is not merely skin deep.

As we live longer lives, we also face prolonged aging, which is another reason to take a look at lifestyle changes we can make to promote beauty from the inside while fighting Mother Nature’s fine lines and wrinkles with products like anti-aging serums, ultrasonic scrubbers, and lip plumpers.

If treating the inside well is as important as using quality anti-aging products on your skin, what can be changed?

  1. Stay Hydrated – Hydration has to be the single most crucial factor in overall health, especially skin health. Moisturized skin starts within with a hydrated body, so drink clean, fresh water often. Water helps the body naturally cleanse away toxins that could be feeding the aging process.
  2. Maintain a Healthy Weight – As the body stretches with weight gain, it shrinks with weight loss. As we age, our skin loses elasticity so the stretched skin may sag drastically. Remember, you won’t find a healthy weight in any beauty magazine or on the runway – it happens in your mind and to your body.
  3. Use Sunscreen – An old favorite that everyone knows, and far too many people forget. Sun damage is one of the most significant causes of premature skin aging. UVA and UVB rays literally fry the skin, leaving nothing but a bunch of wrinkles when we get older. Take a minute and apply sunscreen to your face (and the rest of your skin).
  4. Keep Stress Under Control – Stress causes the body and mind great pain. Physically, stress forces the body into fight or flight mode. The last thing you want is to wake up every day feeling edgy and frazzled, but that’s precisely what stress does.
  5. Be Happy – Easier said than done, in some cases, but worth a mention nonetheless. When our minds are happy, the brain releases endorphins that promote a healthy immune system, and when your immune system is on track, it can pay closer attention to keeping your skin healthy and strong.
  6. Choose the Right Skin Cleanser – Everyone has sensitive skin. Yes, you read that right. Your skin is sensitive, and even if that facial wash that smells like roses feels good doesn’t mean the chemicals used as fragrance aren’t causing skin damage that promotes the signs of aging. Skip alcohols and fragrances.
  7. Choose the Right Cleansing Tools – That washcloth on the edge of your sink is not enough to scrub the environmental dirt and grime off your face. Ultrasonic technology works wonders to literally scrub away the day with thousands of tiny vibrations each minute. Please take a look at our Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber to learn more about the technology.

Drink more water, eat right, protect your skin from the sun, keep that stress level under control and be happier are the best lifestyle and beauty tips you’ll hear on how to prevent premature aging, wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet. Choosing the right cleanser and an ultrasonic cleansing tool completes the one-two punch needed to beat Mother Nature at her own game.

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