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August 11, 2019 2 min read

You've probably heard about the miracles vitamin C can do for our skin. It is said that the benefits of vitamin C for skin are numerous and can lead to a brighter complexion or even to wrinkles reduction. So, if you are curious about how a vitamin C serum for face can make your skin look healthy and youthful, here are the main benefits of vitamin C for your skin.

Vitamin C and Skin

#1 Great for almost all skin types.

Vitamin C and vitamin C serums are considered safe for usage for nearly everyone without the risk of developing side effects. Also, it can be used in combination with other skincare compounds such as retinol or SPF protectants.

#2 It hydrates skin.

The compounds found in vitamin C are effective in hydrating skin. This happens because the transepidermal water loss is significantly diminished, which ultimately permits the skin to retain moisture.

#3 It brightens skin.

Another benefit related to vitamin C and skin is the fact that it can brighten your complexion. As we age, natural or environmental factors can lead to structural changes in the skin. This has as a side effect of uneven pigmentation, hyperpigmentation or skin spots. Vitamin C prevents that biochemical reaction heals the skin, and brightens it.

#4 Vitamin C and skin firmness.

Another beneficial effect of vitamin C on the skin is that it can renew the skin cells due to the increased production of substances that promote firmness — this aids in diminishing aging signs like fine lines or wrinkles.

#5 Vitamin C defends the skin.

Vitamin C acts as a booster for your skin's natural defense system. Its antioxidant properties aid in counteracting the effects of both oxidative stress and free radicals by eliminating damaging molecules.

#6 Vitamin C and collagen production.

Scientists discovered that vitamin C could influence collagen production in our body, leading to a brighter skin tone, along with a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. Also, by using a vitamin C serum, the skin will be tighter, which will prevent it from experiencing the unwanted sagging effect.

How to Use a Vitamin C Serum

It is recommended that before applying a vitamin C serum on the skin to opt for a patch test skin, to see whether you tolerate the product or not. Even though it is labeled as a safe skincare product, in some people, it can cause irritation.

Dermatologists recommend using vitamin C serums in the evening after you cleansed and toned the skin. Also, following the serum, you should use a moisturizer.
Vitamin C on the skin is excellent for healing blemishes, diminishing hyperpigmentation, and promoting a naturally glowing complexion. Keep in mind that using it daily is what will lead to those beneficial effects on the skin. The benefits of vitamin C for skin are numerous, yet the most important one might be the fact that it acts as a barrier on the skin, protecting it from damage.

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