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June 15, 2019 2 min read

There’s nothing better than a golden tan to make you feel good in your own skin. Unfortunately, that tan may be causing damage to your skin cells that, eventually and inevitably, will cause signs of premature aging. The bright side is no matter your age, if you’ve spent hours working on that perfect tan year after year, there are still changes you can make to help your skin recover from the effects of UV rays.
  1. Remember, exposure to the sun adds up over time. When you were 12, and you spent the entire summer playing outside without a lick of sunscreen you have no idea you were tallying up hours in the sun that would later come back to haunt you in the form of premature fine lines and wrinkles. Those years may be gone, but you can still protect your face, neck, and hands with sunscreen to stop further damage.
  2. Use sunscreen all the time, not just one time. You can’t just throw on some sunscreen before heading to the pool and not apply when you’re home gardening, mowing grass, or even taking an afternoon walk. Making sunscreen a regular part of your skincare routine is how to keep Father Time at bay.
  3. Make sure you’re protected enough. The sun causes wrinkles, hands down, and now you know you have to wear sunscreen, but what SPF is the right SPF? Many branded beauty companies offer sunscreen for the face in SPF of 15 or 25. The trouble with sunscreens for the face is that anything more than SPF 25 feels oily and thick, so buying a separate face sunscreen is the best option.
  4. Don’t forget your hands and lips. Facial skin is not the only delicate skin on your body. Your lips and hands need to be protected, as well. If you apply sunscreen to the face and rub it into the lips and over the hands at that time, it’s a good start, but reapplication in these areas is critical. Protective lip balms work perfectly for blocking UV rays and traditional sunscreen works for the hands.
  5. Kick up the SPF for the rest of the body. The higher the SPF, the longer time your skin will be protected from damaging UV rays. Wrinkles from sun exposure aren’t limited to the face, so get out the SPF 50 for the rest of your exposed skin. Yes, higher SPF is heavier on the skin, but it’s better than getting wrinkles from sun damage.

If your skin has been damaged by UV rays and you’re seeing the results as premature fine lines and wrinkles, the time to start fighting was yesterday – but you can start today. Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser, use sunscreen daily, and check out products like Ageless Instant Face Lift for instant lifting results.

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