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January 28, 2019 3 min read

Why are dead skin cells important to your skincare routine? According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “there are about 19 million skin cells in every inch of your body.” That’s a lot of skin cells. Humans have been gifted with a natural shedding process that allows the skin to shed dead cells and grow new ones constantly -- upwards of 30,000 dead skin cells flake off daily. What’s even more interesting is that “the top 18 to 23 layers of your skin are made of dead cells.”

Yes, the body naturally sheds dead cells and they float into the air only to settle as dust. (The majority of household dust is nothing but dead skin cells.) But, there’s nothing wrong with starting a skincare routine that helps Mother Nature out a bit, and it feels fantastic.

Cleanse Your Skin With a Gentle Wash

Even if you don’t believe you have sensitive skin, harsh cleansers can cause damage that speeds up the aging process. We’re removing dead skin cells because we want to see the brighter skin underneath. That means we don’t want to start the process by causing skin damage.
  • The best gentle skin cleansers have few ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

Open Your Pores With Heat

The dirt and grime collected throughout the day are gone, and you’re left with a fresh palette of smooth, clean skin. Grab a washcloth or hand towel and hold it under water that’s a little more than warm, but not hot enough to scald or cause pain. Wring out the excess water and place the cloth on your face for a minute or two -- just long enough to allow the heat to open your pores.
  • The heat or steam will loosen those dead skin cells. 

Get to Exfoliating With a Natural Scrub

You don’t need to get fancy when it comes to the exfoliating part of your skincare routine. Add white sugar or ground salt to a gentle face cream until the texture changes from smooth to gritty. Sugar and salt are optimal choices because they are just gritty enough to exfoliate the skin without being harsh like sandpaper.
  • Harsh exfoliating scrubs damage skin causing you to look older than your years.

Regenerate With Micro Needles

By now your skin is feeling clean, warm, and smooth. You may notice a dryness at this point in your skincare routine, but rest assured we’re getting to that shortly; right now we’re focusing on aeration. A derma roller is made up of microneedles that gently prick the skin to promote collagen production. Learn more about derma rollers and your skin.
  • You’re not looking for deep home dermabrasion, so it’s best to stick with microneedles of 0.1mm. 

Fight Aging With a Rejuvenating Serum

There’s nothing better than finishing up your skincare routine with an anti-aging rejuvenating serum. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 100+, the peptides found in high-quality serums work to nourish the skin, promote regeneration, and reverse the hands of time.

Watch out for over-priced serums that make extraordinary promises. No one needs to spend $150 on an ounce of serum when the best ingredients are found in products of better quality at a lower price - like Nutrafeel Anti-Aging Serum.

The time has come for the final step in your skincare routine to remove dead skin cells. Do you know what the last step is? Here’s a hint -- HYDRATE and MOISTURIZE.


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