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July 09, 2019 3 min read

As we age, our skin doesn’t quite hold the form it used to when we were younger. It’s as if tiny strings are slowly letting down the skin under our eyes, on our cheeks, and around our neck and décolleté. There’s no one immune to sagging skin, but what causes this phenomenon, and can we stop, slow down, or reverse the changes?

Myths and Facts About Sagging Skin

MYTH: There’s no doubt you’ve heard the claim that sagging skin on neck and face are caused by a loss of collagen, loss of fat stores on the face, or even high-intensity exercise jostling skin around enough to cause drooping. Believe it, or not, all these reasons are nothing more than myths.

According to, there’s a better answer. Time spent outdoors leads to excessive exposure to UV rays, which damages collagen. Thus, over time, the elasticity of your skin weakens, and you begin to see sag lines appearing. 

UV damage starts as early as infancy with the effects compounding over time. So, that dark tan you loved when you were 14 may be a significant player in the wrinkles you see today. Rest assured, there’s an answer to sagging skin.

The Answer to Sagging Skin is All About Simple Changes

You want to start tackling this sagging skin once and for all, and you’re tired of dealing with the same false claims over and over again, right? The trouble is that there’s not one answer to fight sagging skin, there are several simple changes you need to make to optimize results. And, probably the most important of all, you have to practice patience.
  • Protect Your Skin – Wear sunscreen – plain and simple. The sun damages collagen and makes your skin age faster, FACT! Today, sunscreens are available that apply like light, facial serums or moisturizers, so there’s no claiming protection is too heavy or greasy.
  • Hydrate Inside – Dry skin looks older than hydrated skin. Keep a great facial moisturizer on hand and drink plenty of water. The debate over how much water to consume and what qualifies as water is on-going. Let’s just say, drink at least 64 ounces of water daily and count anything sugar-free and caffeine-free as water. If you’re worried about artificial sweeteners, stick with plain water with a touch of lemon, lime, or orange to spice things up.
  • Hydrate Outside – Keeping your body hydrated is just one step in total hydration. You also have to help your skin stay supple with the use of a gentle, irritant-free facial lotion or cream. This cream is not the same as treatment products like Instant Face Lift or Neck Firming Cream. Treatments are applied first, then moisturizer to give your skin the juice it needs to look younger by the day.
  • Be Patient – The most significant problem when attacking that sagging skin is that people are far too impatient to give lifestyle and beauty changes time to work. There’s no serum, lotion, cream, or treatment of any kind that will turn back the hands of time 20 years from the first application. You need to employ lifestyle changes and stick with the changes, so use sunscreen daily, drink enough water daily, and use moisturizers and treatments daily. Then, over time, you’ll notice that drooping skin tighten and, from there, results may just keep getting better.

Don’t settle for allowing Father Time to force your skin to look older than your years. Take the time to make a few changes that, with time, can play a large part in tightening saggy skin and helping you look younger.

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