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Micro Needle Derma Roller - 540 Needles - 0.25mm

  • Nutrafeel's Derma Roller

    Atop of the line skin therapy solution (540 Needless - 0.25mm) for home use. Helps unleash your body natural healing capabilities.

    Made from Clinical Grade Stainless Steel - The safest, hygienic and Most Recommended material used by Physicians for years.

    While Titanium is certainly a sturdier material, when buying a roller, the recommendation is to choose stainless steel.


    Why, you asked? The answer is simple.

    What do Most Medical Professionals & Hospitals use? - Stainless Steel

    What do Acupuncturists use? - Stainless Steel

    What do Tattoo Artists use? - Stainless Steel

    What do most Skin Care Professionals & Manufacturers use? - Stainless Steel


    The only advantage titanium has over stainless steel is that it's a bit stronger. However, when choosing a roller, you need to factor things like cleanliness and toxicity levels.

    These are far more important than sturdiness. That being said, stainless steel is still an incredibly STRONG metal.


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