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About Us - The People Behind Nutrafeel


Nutrafeel at a Glance

We love working with “A” players. Nutrafeel was founded on the principle of partnering up with companies with a focus on exceeding customer expectations. Even more than expectations, we wanted to increase customer excitement. 

We decided a long time ago that we weren’t going to be a “me too” type of company. 

We weren’t going to be those nameless companies that just look for the next fad and deliver a sub-par product to make a few quick bucks. 

That’s the easy way to make money. We didn’t want just to make money, we wanted to earn our customer’s loyalty and respect. 

We do so by focusing on quality products and quality customer service. Together we have over 30 years in delivering excellent customer service and building strong relationships.

Every company has to make money, but more than that, we are striving to make an impact. An impact on our customer’s lives and an impact on the industry. 

Welcome to You’re going to love it here!

Beauty Starts With Great Products

You deserve the best skincare products without the fillers and fluff so many companies are selling today and that’s what Nutrafeel is all about. 

Nearly a decade ago, the husband and wife team behind Nutrafeel decided it was time to change the beauty scene forever. Instead of focusing on a single product or line of products, they looked for the best, most trusted and reliable ingredients on the market -- with clinical testing and support - to create Nutrafeel’s anti-aging, anti-acne, wrinkle-defense, and wrinkle prevention line. 

The decision was made after finding high-quality, trusted, and effective formulas proved impossible on a budget. It was easy to find anti-aging serums for hundreds of dollars, but the ingredients were often irritating or the products so overpriced it seemed absurd to try them at all. That’s not the way a skincare line ought to be. Thus Nutrafeel was born out of the need for the highest-quality products at the best prices created with YOUR SKIN in mind

To ensure all products are state-of-the-art and created with your skin in mind, we’ve partnered with a lab that’s devoted more than two decades to brand support. Our lab is recognized as an international expert in research, development, and production of technologically-advanced products for your skin. 

The fact that our lab partners are experts in developing beauty and skincare products with the latest technology and clinical support is why we’ve stood by them since 2013. Here are a few more facts about where Nutrafeel products are made. 

  • Established reputation as an industry forerunner. 
  • Produces formulas with consistent quality and efficacy. 
  • Provides premium skincare products using cutting-edge technology and the best ingredients. 
  • The facility is FDA-registered and cGMP compliant. 
  • ISO 22716-certified personal and skincare contract manufacturer. 
  • Made in the USA. 

At Nutrafeel, we are committed to providing you with innovative, cost-effective skincare formulations that deliver unmatched performance and results. Our products:

  • Use only the highest-quality, proven ingredients. 
  • Are never tested on animals. 
  • Are never sold as part of negative or deceptive marketing practices.

Ingredients We Avoid Include:

In the production of our skincare line, we avoid chemicals and ingredients that cause skin issues like:

  • Irritating alcohol.
  • Synthetic fragrances.
  • Synthetic dyes.
  • Parabens.
  • Formaldehyde.
  • Harsh additives.

Ingredients We Include Are:

We only use ingredients that work to improve your skin, not damage it even further. Our products are made with ingredients that are:

  • High-tech and clinically-tested.
  • Natural and organic.
  • Made in the USA.

The Philosophy Behind Nutrafeel Products

Science and Testing - We only use ingredients that have been tested and earned scientific support in their respective fields, such as anti-aging, acne defense, skin health, and more. 

Quality at the Best Prices - We provide the highest-quality products at a price you can afford. Everyone deserves healthy, younger-looking skin. 

Customer Care - Our customers are more than dollar signs to us at Nutrafeel. We want each person to be left thinking they bought a product that’s worth 10 times the cost because it’s just that effective.

Cruelty-Free - Our products are not tested on animals. And yes, there are still companies who use animal testing. 

Transparency - We have nothing to hide, so we share the ingredients in every product we sell. If you can’t find the information you need, contact us, and we’ll make sure you get it. 

Nutrafeel stands by their products 100%. If you have any questions or comments about our formulas, or if you’re interested in a product we don’t currently offer, CONTACT US and we’ll be more than willing to work with you to find the fine products you deserve. 

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