About Us


We love working with “A” players. Nutrafeel was founded on the principle of partnering up with companies with a focus on exceeding customer expectations. Even more than expectations, we wanted to increase customer excitement. 

We decided a long time ago that we weren’t going to be a “me too” type of company. We weren’t going to be those nameless companies that just look for the next fad and deliver a sub-par product in order to make a few quick bucks. That’s the easy way to make money. We didn’t want to just make money, we wanted to earn our customer’s loyalty and respect. We do so by focusing on quality products and quality customer service. Together we have over 60 years in delivering excellent customer service and building strong relationships.

Every company has to make money, but more than that, we are striving to make an impact. An impact in our customer’s lives and an impact in the industry. An industry filled with “me too’s” and an underwhelming approach where the customer is left under-served.

Welcome to Nutrafeel.com. You’re going to love it here!

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