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Dark Spot Corrector - Skin Appears More Youthful and Healthier

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  • Achieve a More YOUTHFUL and HEALTHIER SKIN Appearance

    A YOUNGER and healthier skin with the most INVIGORATING pigment correction solution available in the market today. Nutrafeel® Dark Spot Corrector Gel combines well-studied and tested natural ingredients and an organic compound to produce an extremely EFFECTIVE and SAFE formulation.

    UNPARALLELED Skin Lightening Results

    When it comes to skin lightening and PIGMENT CORRECTION, Synovea® HR (4-Hexylresorcinol) has been the MOST STUDIED & well-known ingredient for many years. Synovea® HR INHIBITS MELANIN production. Melanin is the pigment responsible for a vast majority of DARK SPOTS, and hyper-pigmentation.

    Synovea® HR (4-Hexylresorcinol) provides a SUPERIOR brightening option with skin protective BENEFITS. Synovea® HR also provides ANTI-AGING benefits proven by clinical studies.


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