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Ageless Eyelash Growth Conditioner Enhancer | LONGER THICKER Lashes

  • Ageless Eyelash Growth Conditioner Enhancer

    A formulation of stem cells, collagen, peptides and conditioning moisturizers that nourish lashes making them longer, stronger and thicker. Bio-active ingredients for weak, sparse lashes creating the ideal environment to flourish.

    Why is it Different?

    Dual Actives

    Innovative peptides formulated to support healthy lashes. Moisturizing and conditioning each strand, reducing breakageand encouraging longer and thicker lashes.

    Harnesses the power of STEM CELLS derived from skin of red grapes, which provide strong antioxidant benefits.

    Conditioning Complex

    Includes “Glycerin” and “Panthenol”

    Glycerin - a humectant that ensures delicate lashes are deeply hydrated, preventing valuable moisture from escaping.

    Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) – a conditioning powerhouse that provides nutrition and moisture for long term hydration.

    Brings LIFE to Your Eyelashes!


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