Ageless Eyelash Growth Conditioner Enhancer | Promotes STRONGER LONGER THICKER Lashes

  • Ageless Eyelash Growth Conditioner Enhancer, a Formulation of STEM CELLS, COLLAGEN, Peptides & CONDITIONERS Moisturizes that Nourishes Lashes making them LONGER, STRONGER & THICKER. Bio-Active Ingredients for Weak, Sparse Lashes giving Ideal Environment to Flourish.

    Why is Different?

    - Dual Actives

    Innovative Peptides Formulated to Support Healthy Lashes. Moisturizing & Conditioning each Strand, Reduces Breakage & Encourages Longer & Thicker Lashes.

    Harnesses the Power of STEM CELLS Derived from Skin of Red Grapes, which Provide Strong Antioxidant Benefits.

    - Conditioning Complex

    Includes “Glycerin” and “Panthenol”. Glycerin, a Humectant that ensures Delicate Lashes are Deeply Hydrated, prevents Valuable Moisture from escaping. Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5), Conditioning Powerhouse that Provides Nutrition & Moisture for Long Term Hydration.

    Brings LIFE to Your Eyelashes!

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